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Poetry Gala Scheduled for April 20

Each program at UWG was asked to host an event in honor of the University’s Centennial Celebration this year. In English, we have chosen to remember the poems that have been written in the one hundred years of the institution’s life at a festive gala to be held on Friday, April 20, at Oak Lawn Farm on Rome Street. The event, from six to nine that evening, will feature a buffet of heavy hors d’oeuvres and an open bar. Our dean, Don Rice, will provide live music, accompanied by John Berry and Chad Davidson.

Students from all over campus have nominated poems of fifty or fewer lines, published between 1906 and the present, as the best poem of UWG’s century. The Student Advisory Committee of the Department of English and Philosophy has narrowed those nominations to the top 100 poems. After spring vacation, all members of the campus community, as well as alums and people from the community, will be able to vote for our top ten poems of the century by visiting the English program’s website.

At the gala, attendees will be able to vote (a dollar per vote) for the best poem of the century. The top ten selections, based on the online vote, will be displayed on broadsides to allow all to participate, even if they aren’t already familiar with the poems. Specially invited guest readers will present the top ten to the audience just prior to the naming of the winning poem.

All proceeds from this event will be used to fund student research and travel within the department.

Tickets are available by contacting Sharron Edwards at or by phone at 770-839-6512. Student tickets are ten dollars per person. Tickets for others are thirty-five dollars per person. Please join us for this National Poetry Month event to honor a century of literary study at our institution. You might even take home a door prize of a lovely piece of pottery made by local artists.


Undergraduate English Conference

Day: Thursday, April 5
Time: 2:30pm-5:00pm
Location: Pafford, 3rd floor

Soon we leave the drought of March for April’s sweetened showers. Scheduled Thursday, April 5, the 2007 undergraduate English conference promises to enrich our academic community with shared critical and creative work drawn from the department’s diverse offering of classes. Organized by graduate students and enlivened with the scholarship of undergraduates, the conference will celebrate its second year. English classes will be canceled from 12:30-5:00 so that students and faculty can attend.

This year’s conference will include panels discussing the shared texts, gender and fairy-tale issues, Victorian studies, race and trickster figures, young adult fiction, and creative compositions by our students. We look forward to an afternoon of fruitful and engaging discourse. Please join us.

-- Ben Brown