Plagiarism Prevention

The University of West Georgia Department of English has assembled  these resources to help combat the problem of plagiarism by clarifying what plagiarism is and offering suggestions as to how it might be discouraged, avoided, and detected.

Plagiarism Defined
Student Resources
Plagiarism Detection
Teacher Resources
Penalties for Plagiarism
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Plagiarism Penalties

Each incidence of plagiarism is subject to review and consideration by the instructor, and is subject to a range of penalties including but not limited to failing the assignment, failing the course, and referral to the disciplinary review board (which may ultimately result in the expulsion, suspension, or disciplinary removal of the student from the university).

In order to facilitate the prevention and detection of plagiarism the Department of English and the University of West Georgia will maintain records of plagiarized assignments and those who prepare and/or submit them.

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