Plagiarism Prevention

The University of West Georgia Department of English has assembled  these resources to help combat the problem of plagiarism by clarifying what plagiarism is and offering suggestions as to how it might be discouraged, avoided, and detected.

Plagiarism Defined
Student Resources
Plagiarism Detection
Teacher Resources
Penalties for Plagiarism
Related Sites

Related Resources

Want to know more? These resources are intended to provide additional background information and assistance about plagiarism in academia.

Is plagiarism a problem at your school? In your department? In your classes? According to this recent (6/6/01) Chronicle Article , it may be more of a problem than most of us are aware of.

Want to know how easy it is for students to buy or simply download a paper? Visit this site brought to you by the South Shore Educational Collaborative to see how seductive the lure of easy papers can be.

Plagiarism is a complex topic with no easy fix, as discussed in this 1997  Chronicle Article.

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