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Spring 2004 Edition
Volume 5, Number 1

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Debut Issue of Shakespeare Bulletin at West Georgia

The first issue of Shakespeare Bulletin, an international journal devoted to scholarship on Shakepearean and Renaissance drama in performance (including film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays), to be edited by Andrew Hartley, associate professor of English, makes its appearance this fall. Featuring a complete "make-over" for the publication in terms of design and format, this debut UWG issue also offers outstanding essays on topics as various as connections between Disney's Lion King and Shakepeare and the ethical and aesthetic implications of a being a "token" Jewish dramaturg for a production of Merchant of Venice performed for a predominantly non-Jewish audience.

Kimily Willingham, the publications specialist in the English department, assisted Dr. Hartley with the production of the journal, and for the forthcoming spring issue John Sturgis, an instructor in the department, will begin working on the journal as an assistant editor. Check out the stunning purple cover with its compelling black-and-white photos. Then plan to spend some time with the articles and reviews inside. Dr. Hartley has back issues of the journal in its previous incarnation for those interested in seeing for themselves how much difference he's made in just one issue.

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