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New Website for UWG English On Its Way!

The weeks leading up to the fall semester are an optimistic and ambitious time for students and professors alike; students pledge to begin work as soon as assignments are given, and professors vow to grade those assignments as soon as they are submitted. So it is only fitting that the new UWG English Department Website be unveiled during this time of inspiration.

The new site, scheduled for unveiling during July 2004, will function as a clean, welcoming public face for Internet users interested in learning more about the English Department. Friendly graphics and an inviting interface will facilitate use of the site, no matter if the visitor is student or faculty, or potential student or faculty. In addition to being a visually appealing site, it will also be a visually competitive site, easily "holding its own" when compared to English Department websites from other, similar universities.

Of course, this site is more than just a pretty face; it's also a nimble, well-organized brain. Gone will be the days that site visitors needed psychic abilities or the determination of an ox to find certain types of information in the site. The new site will be an organizational ally, eagerly revealing information to the users without subjecting them to any guessing games.

So, in mid-July, when you see the new site floating happily on the web, you'll know that it will soon be time to make those resolutions again. But maybe this time you can draw inspiration from the new face of the UWG English Department and hold on to those resolutions all the way till midterm!

--Tiffany Armand

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Last updated April 17, 2004