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Course Template
The following information should be available to students as a part of all syllabi for this course.

Course Information
Number: ENGL 1101
Catalog Name: Composition I
Instructor sub-title (optional)
Instructor Information
Instructor's name:
Office Location:
Office hours:
Required texts and other readings/materials
(See information at Recommended Texts)

Course description
  • Catalog description: A composition course focusing on skills required for effective writing in a variety of contexts, with emphasis on exposition, analysis, and argumentation, and also including introductory use of a variety of research skills. Required in Core Area A.
  • A specific description pertaining to this section of the course may be added.

Course Goals

  • To develop skills in effective expository, analytical, and argumentative writing.
  • To develop facility with the whole writing process from invention through revision.
  • To understand and employ a variety of rhetorical modes and techniques of persuasion.
  • To acquire reasonable mastery of conventions of college-level prose writing.
  • To incorporate and document additional textual materials to strengthen and support argument.
  • General and Specific Learning Outcomes in detail
Program Goals
  • Oral and written communication will be characterized by clarity, critical analysis, logic, coherence, persuasion, precision, and rhetorical awareness (Core Curriculum learning outcomes I)

Assessment activities

  • The course will require at least 4000 words of graded writing.
  • The course will require no fewer than four out-of-class essay assignments that make use of revising opportunities and are graded according to the Grading Rubric for out-of-class writing.
  • The course will require that students earn a passing score (the equivalent of a 2 on the Recommended Grading Scale for In-Class Essays) on at least one in-class essay in order to receive a C in the class.  One of the in-class essays may be completed during the final exam period.
Other policies
  • General composition policies
  • Other policy statements specific to this class should be included on the syllabus.
  • Dates for completion of all assignments should be provided.
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