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Course Template
The following information should be available to students as a part of all syllabi for this course.

Course Information
Number: ENGL 3405
Catalog Name: Professional and Technical Writing

Instructor sub-title (optional)
Instructor Information
Instructor's name:
Office Location:

Office hours:
Required texts and other readings/materials
  • Individual instructors may assemble a group of texts that will allow students to meet the objectives and specifications of the course. No specific texts are required.
Course description
  • An intensive, practical examination of ways to write powerful, audience-driven documents in a variety of real-world business, professional, and technical contexts. Students will also learn how to make effective business-related presentations supported with appropriate documentary and visual aids.
  • Prerequisites: ENGL 1101 and 1102.
  • A further specific description pertaining to this section of the course may be added.

Course Goals

  • Students will develop the rhetorical acumen and composing skills needed to prepare a variety of documents required in common business and technical writing contexts.
  • Students will learn teamwork and collaborative authorship skills.
  • Students will develop real-world problem-solving techniques.
  • Students will understand and practice the scrupulous attention to detail necessary in a business and technical writing environment.
  • Students will become aware of techniques for adapting their writing to the demands of a highly audience-driven, context-sensitive field.
  • Students will develop techniques for making effective business presentations to individuals and groups.
  • Students will understand and appreciate internationally and culturally diverse styles of business communication.

Program Goals

  • This course fulfills one of the departmental requirements for the completion of the English major and the English Major with Secondary Education.
  • Students will develop the analytical, oral and written skills to pursue graduate study or careers in teaching, writing, business and a variety of other fields.
General topics and assignments appropriate to those topics
  • To be determined by instructor.
Assessment activities
  • To be determined by instructor, but to include the production, individually and cooperatively, of employment documents, proposals or unsolicited recommendations, instructions, and a variety of business, professional, and technical planning documents and communications.
Other policies
  • Departmental plagiarism policies
  • Other policy statements specific to this class should be included on the syllabus.
  • A detailed calendar of readings and assignments should be made available to the class at the first class meeting. A copy should be posted electronically and kept on file in the English department office.
  • Students should be expected to come to class, prepared and able to participate.
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