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Course Template
The following information should be available to students as a part of all syllabi for this course.

Course Information
Number: ENGL 6399
Catalog Name: Thesis
Instructor Information
Instructor's name:
Office Location:
Office hours:

Required texts and other readings/materials
  • The candidate will, with the guidance of the director and other faculty as necessary, assemble a group of texts that will allow the candidate to meet the objectives and specifications of the course. No specific texts are required.
Course description
  • Research and preparation of an M.A. thesis under the supervision of an approved faculty advisor.

Graduate Course Goals

  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in independent research and thesis preparation compatible with the goals of the M.A. program in English.

Graduate Program Goals

  • Gaining further knowledge of texts in this area strengthens students' content area knowledge, prepares them for taking nationally recognized standardized examinations (such as the advanced GRE subject examination in English), and further prepares them for careers in teaching, writing, and business or advanced graduate-level study.
General topics and assignments appropriate to those topics
  • To be determined by the thesis director.
Assessment activities
  • Ongoing assessment of prospectus and subsequent materials as determined by the thesis director.
  • Approval of thesis by Director and thesis committee.
  • Thesis defense.
Other policies
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