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2009-2010 English Program Standing Committees

Undergraduate Curriculum
Member-Term Expires-Position Held

Greg Fraser (Fall)/Chad Davidson (Spring) Creative Writing 2011
Margaret Mitchell 2010 At-large
Debra MacComb 2011 American Literature
Fran Chalfant 2011 British Literature

Graduate Program Committee
Director of Graduate Studies (non-voting)—Joshua Masters
Member-Term Expires-Position Held
Maria Doyle 2011 At-large
Meg Pearson 2011 British Literature
Stacy Boyd 2011 American Literature
Alison Umminger 2010 Creative Writing (Chair)

Education Committee
Coordinator of English Education (non-voting)—Angela Insenga
Member-Term Expires-Position Held
Patrick Erben 2011 Tenure-Eligible
Brandy Robinson 2010 Lecturer
Debra MacComb 2010 Tenured
Patricia Burgey 2011 Limited-term Instructor

First-Year Writing Committee
Director of FYW (non-voting)—Brandy Robinson
Member-Term Expires-Position Held
David Newton 2011 Tenured
Angela Insenga 2010 Tenure-Eligible
Melanie Jordan 2010 Limited-Term Instructor
Lisa Propst 2010 Limited-Term Instructor
Crystal Shelnutt 2010 Limited-Term Instructor

Events Committee
Coordinator of Creative Writing (non-voting)—Emily Hipchen
Senior Secretary (non-voting)—Jonette Larrew
Member-Term Expires-Position Held
Dorothy Byrom 2011 Limited-Term Instructor
Greg Fraser 2010 Tenured
Lori Lipoma 2011 Lecturer (Chair)
Patrick Erben 2011 Tenure-Eligible
Brook Parks 2011 Limited-Term Instructor

Assessment Committee
Member-Term Expires-Position Held
Barbara Brickman 2011 Minors
Lisa Propst 2011 FYW
Emily Hipchen 2010 British Literature
David Newton 2009 American Literature Open
Rebecca Harrison 2011 Education

Advisory Committee (English and Philosophy)
Members will continue through 2009-2010.
Lisa Crafton (replacing Micheal) Professor
Margaret Mitchell Associate Professor
Barbara Brickman (replacing Aleks) Assistant Professor
Mitzi McFarland Lecturer
Melanie Jordan Limited-Term
Bob Lane Philosophy


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