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Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Department of English and Philosophy
University of West Georgia
Revised and Approved, 10/21/03

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is comprised of four members of the English faculty. All members should be tenure-eligible faculty, but there is no further stipulation with regard to rank of the members for any position. While it is assumed that the members collectively represent the interests of all areas of the curriculum, this balance is ensured by electing committee members according to the following rubric:

  • one member representing British literature
  • one member representing American literature
  • one member representing Creative Writing
  • one member at-large (must be tenure-eligible)

In addition to these elected members, the department chair serves as a non-voting member of the committee.

Terms of Service
The normal term of service for members is two years. A year of service is understood to comprise the period beginning in the summer term and ending immediately following the subsequent spring term. Elections are held each year in the spring for the positions of those representatives whose terms are about to expire. Candidates stand for election to the specific position they wish to hold (American literature specialist, British literature specialist, Creative Writing specialist, or member-at-large). Members whose terms are expiring may stand for re-election. Each year, following the elections, the department chair will convene a meeting of the incoming members to elect a committee chair. The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee chair will serve for one year, but may stand for re-election. Should s/he resign the post during the year, the department chair will convene a meeting of the committee for the purpose of electing a new chair to serve for the remainder of the year.

Reporting Structure
The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee makes recommendations to the department in response to requests made by the department chair or by individual faculty members, and on matters raised from within the committee itself. These recommendations are presented to the department at regularly scheduled faculty meetings.

The department chair serves as a non-voting member of the committee, advising the committee on matters such as course scheduling and long-range course projections.
Recommendations requiring departmental assent before becoming policy should be brought to the Department at an appropriate time by the chair of the committee.

Mission Statement
The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee exists to advise the department chair and make recommendations to the department for approval on all matters relating to the undergraduate curriculum except for courses in the First-Year Writing Program (ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102). These may include (but are not limited to) major curricular changes, course scheduling (time of day and frequency of individual offerings), requirements for the major or minor in English, and prerequisites for particular courses. The committee also considers proposals for new courses, variable topic courses listed under a single course number, and special-topics courses and makes recommendations with regard to the scheduling of these courses. The committee does not consider individual 4/5381 Independent Study or 4386 Internship courses, nor does it make recommendations with respect to which proposals should be offered as Honors Program courses. The committee does not consider personnel matters per se, nor does it make recommendations with respect to which faculty members should teach particular courses. The only exceptions to this are courses cited above in which a recommendation to offer a particular course means the de facto recommendation of its proposing instructor; however, in such cases, recommendations are made solely on the basis of the proposed course and the needs of the curriculum.


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