University of West Georgia -- Department of English and Philosophy
1601 Maple Street, Carrollton, Georgia 30118 -- Phone: (678) 839-6512 - Fax: (678) 839-4849

New English Faculty Orientation
August 12, 2002

The English Department: An Overview

Main Office (TLC 2255) / 678-839-6512
FAX 678-839-4849


Administrative Organization
Randy Hendricks, Chair (TLC 2323)

Brandy Robinson, Director of First-Year

Josh Masters, Director of Graduate Studies (TLC 2230)

Shelley Decker, Budget and Personnel Coordinator

Susan Holland, Academic Coordinator
Jonette Larrew, Senior Secretary

Committee Structure (Standing Committees)
Curriculum Committee

Writing Committee

Graduate Program Committee

Advisory Committee

Faculty Status Committee

Professional Conduct
For detailed information, see the faculty handbook and other policy manuals at

All department polices are at this link:

Some specific policies:

Classroom attendance: You must notify the English department office (Sharon McCormick) when you are absent or late to class or scheduled office hours. HR requires us to keep records of this. Absences and late arrivals should be kept to a minimum and should occur only in emergency situations.

Confidentiality of student records and student work.

Establishing clear expectations on your syllabi and in your meetings with students.

How the department / university handles student complaints.

What to do if there are problems.

Student evaluations and faculty evaluations.

Outside Employment (for full-time faculty only).

Administrative Requests
Work Requests / forms (Handout)

Copier (Handout)

Supplies (Handout)

Grade Change Forms

Incomplete Grade Forms

Textbook Order Forms / Desk Copy Forms / Course Packets / Library Reserves

Administrative Office Space in TLC (2255 and 2253) / Pafford Hall (316)

Administrative Responsibilities:

No administrative responsibilities are required for part-time faculty. Full-time faculty will have some administrative work. We will work with you to coordinate these assignments. Typical assignments include:

Committee Assignments (Standing and Ad hoc Committees)
Student Advising in the Excel Center during Pre-Registration

Regents Preview Workshops / Regents Grading Sessions at KSU

Offices: You will be charged for lost keys and damage to offices or to furniture. This includes tape or other items attached to the walls in your office. Please do not move furniture in your office or in common areas without permission.

Phone System / Long Distance Calls (no personal long distance calls, please)

Teaching and Classes

Teaching is your primary responsibility. First and foremost we expect you to be an excellent teacher in the classroom.

Office Hours, approximately 2 1/2 hours per course (8-10 hours total for four courses). Part-time faculty should keep at least one hour per week / per class. Office hours should listed on your syllabus/website and posted on your office door. Please give Sharon a copy of your office hours by 8/23/01.

Syllabi for every class must be on file in Department Office by 8/23. We also must post these electronically.

How to handle enrollment cap overload requests / Cap Exemption Forms

Pass level in 1101/1102-Students must complete ENGL 1101 with a C or higher to enroll in ENGL 1102. Students must complete ENGL 1102 with a C or higher to enroll in XIDS 2100 or any higher-level English course.

Withdrawal / Hardship Withdrawal

Department meetings and other Events/Activities

Travel Budget


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