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Guidelines for Annual Reports
Department of English
University of West Georgia

Please read and follow these directions carefully. This will ensure that all faculty are using the same framework to submit reports.

Only accomplishments that you include on your annual report will be used in compiling your annual evaluation. Please do not expect me to remember all of your accomplishments for the year. If it is not listed on your annual report, it will not be included as part of your annual evaluation.

In compiling annual reports, faculty should report information under the following major categories: 1) Service; 2) Scholarship and Professional Development; and 3) Teaching.

I. Service:

Under the area of service, include the following categories:

A.  Service to the University

B.  Service to the English Department

C.  Service to the Community

For all three sub-areas, only list accomplishments from the 1999-2000 academic year. You may include last summer, but do not list activities from last spring that were covered in last year's annual report. In essence, service activities should cover the academic year. Do not include administrative/committee assignments from last spring semester (1999) since these were listed on last year's report.

Under "Service to the Community" only list activities that are related to your professional work/training as a member of the department. For example, on my annual report, I would list speaking engagements at local area schools, but I would not list my volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity. Include the latter on your vitae but not in your annual report.

II. Scholarship and Professional Development:

NOTE: Only include activities that have been completed since the last annual report. In essence, this should include activities from the 1999-2000 academic year as well as any activities from last summer or late spring that were not included in last year's report. Activities from last year's report should not be repeated unless their status has changed or they are still in progress.

A. Publications

NOTE: List here ONLY works that have actually been published or that have received contracts and an actual publishing date can be verified. Please note that publications will only be counted once (on one annual report), so if you list it this year, it cannot count again the following year as credit toward a publication on your annual report. In order to be included on your annual evaluation, publications must be accompanied by copies or off-prints as well as contracts and information about the publisher so that the publication can be verified.

In listing works under this category, please use formal MLA bibliographic citations, so that I can standardize these on the department's annual report.

B. Publications in Progress:

NOTE: List here any works that are in progress but have not been accepted for publication. Works in progress, such as books or longer manuscripts, can be listed under II.B. for successive years as a way to demonstrate faculty work on longer projects. Faculty can also list here works that have been submitted for publication (include publisher) that have either been turned down or returned for further editing.

C. Paper Presentations:

NOTE: Please list conferences as either local, national, or international. Do not list the West Georgia Conference as an international conference. While it may serve as an international conference for many attendees, it is a local conference for all of us who participate.

In documenting paper presentations, please use the following format:

"Surveying as Surveillance: Mapping the Geographical and Cultural Landscape of the Revolutionary War in Simms's The Forayers. American Literature Association Convention. San Diego, CA. May 28-31, 1998.

D. Participation in Conferences and Professional Organizations:

NOTE: List here conference panels you have chaired or organized, active membership in professional organizations, elected positions or offices held, or other work that you've done to assist with a conference or scholarly organization. Use the same format as in II.C. above to document work with scholarly conferences.

E. Grants, Fellowships, Honors, and Awards:

If including grants, please list the exact amount of the grant and how the funds are to be used.

F. Other Professional Activities:

List any other professional activities here that are not listed in the categories above.

G. Reassigned / Earned Time:

Itemize any reassigned or earned time received for the spring and fall 1999 semesters (include credit hour amounts). Include a brief description of what the reassigned time was requested for and what you accomplished with it.

III. Teaching and Professional Development

NOTE: Include only courses taught last spring semester (1999) and last fall semester (1999) in your report on teaching.

Dean Miller has stressed that teaching portfolios are an essential part of all professional evaluations, including third-year review, promotion and tenure, and post-tenure review. I strongly encourage you to use the annual report to work on updating your teaching portfolio. Any of the following methods might be useful: 1) a narrative self-assessment of your teaching; 2) responses to student evaluations; 3) supplemental materials that you have developed for use in your classes; 4) modifications and/or updates of courses and course materials; 5) changes in pedagogy or approaches to teaching; or 6) other activities related to teaching or your professional growth as a teacher (including workshops or training events you have attended).

NOTE: A significant component of your evaluation in this area will come from student evaluations, as stipulated in the faculty handbook. I will read through all of your evaluations; however, as part of your report, it is imperative that you read through and respond to your evaluations as well. If there are positive and/or negative comments or statistics in your student evaluations, I strongly encourage you to respond to these as part of your self-assessment.

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