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The B.A. program in English offers courses that enable students to develop skills in written discourse, to comprehend the defining traits of major literary genres, to understand the history of literature, to interpret texts in light of pertinent critical perspectives, to acquire proficiency in scholarly research, and to relate the facts and ideas of the discipline to other fields, particularly within the context of Western intellectual history. 

For those preparing for graduate school or careers in professional writing, specialized courses are available in literary studies and writing. Many of the advanced electives within the program are appropriate choices for such interdisciplinary minors as American Studies, Classical Studies, and Women's Studies.

What Can I Do With An English Major?

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!  Over the past several years, our majors have graduated and gone on to law school and graduate school in English.  We have former majors working in a variety of fields, including all areas of business, computer-related fields, editing and publishing, public and private education, library sciences, and creative writing.  Instead of teaching you vocational skills, the major in English prepares you for the real world where the demand is for individuals who can read and write effectively, learn and adapt to changing situations quickly, and work creatively and intelligently on their own.


Study with nationally renowned faculty who are interested in working with you.  Class sizes in our upper-division classes are generally small and allow students to receive a lot of individual mentoring as they strengthen their writing and critical thinking skills. 

We offer a variety of exciting, thought-provoking courses, ranging from traditional literature courses that focus on authors, genres and periods to courses on film and literature, ethnic and regional literatures. We also offer a variety of specialized writing courses. 

You also can choose from courses in Creative Writing (Fiction and Poetry), Creative Non-Fiction Writing, Introductory Screenwriting, and Professional and Technical Writing.

Courses designed with your career interests in mind: Choose from creative writing (fiction and poetry), business and technical writing, editing and publishing, and English education.

Become a published author! Our senior seminar allows students to work together in writing, editing and publishing a collection of critical essays of their own design. Copies of past editions are available for inspection in the English department office.

Get valuable hands-on experience as a writing-center tutor.

No minor is required, so you can use your electives to strengthen your career goals. You can take additional English courses or courses from other departments.

Optional minors are available in a variety of areas. The minors in American Studies and Women's Studies complement your coursework in English.  Minors in other areas, such as Philosophy, Religion, Mass Communications, or Business allow you to combine your major in English with other career or intellectual interests.

No Physical Education requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Complete your Writing Across the Curriculum requirements with English courses.

We are here to answer your questions!  Stop by the English department office, located in TLC 2255 (map), call 678-839-6512, or email for more information.

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