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Programs of Study: BA
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Download printable 2005-06 program sheet

Four-Year Outline of a BA Degree with a Major in English (120 hours)

First Semester (15)
ENGL 1101 (3)
Core Area A.3 MATH Elective (3)
FORL Elective (3)
HIST 1111 or 1112 (3)
Core Area E.4 Social Science Elective (3)

Fifth Semester (15)
ENGL Major Area A 1(3)
ENGL Major Area A 2(3)
Core Area D.3 Science Elective (3)
Minor or General Elective (3)
Minor or General Elective (3)

Second Semester (15)
ENGL 1102 (3)
FORL Elective (3)
HIST 2111 or 2112 (3)
POLS 1101 (3)
Core Area B.1 Elective (3)

Sixth Semester (15)
ENGL Major Area A 3(3)
ENGL Major Area B 1(3)
ENGL Major Area C 1(3)
Minor or General Elective (3)
Minor or General Elective (3)

Third Semester (15)
ENGL 2110 or ENGL 2130 (3)
ENGL 2300 (3)
FORL Elective (3)
Core Area D.1 Science Elective (4)
Core Area B.2 Elective (2)

Seventh Semester (15)
ENGL Major Area A 4(3)
ENGL Major Area B 2(3)
ENGL Major Area D 1(3)
Minor or General Elective (3)
Minor or General Elective (3)

Fourth Semester (15)
Core Area C.1 Elective (3)
Core Area D.2 Science Elective (3)
ENGL 2110 or 2120 (3)
ENGL 2130 (3)
FORL Elective (if needed) (3) OR
Minor or General Elective (3)

Eighth Semester (15)
ENGL Major Area D 2(3)
ENGL 4384 Senior Seminar (3)
Minor or General Elective (3)
Minor or General Elective (3)
Minor or General Elective (3)


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