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The M.A. program in English is designed to cultivate advanced mastery of content within the discipline, refined skills in professional and scholarly writing, comprehensive knowledge of critical practices, and a keen awareness of contemporary issues in the study of literature. 

The graduate faculty in English seek to prepare graduate students whose knowledge of language and literature will inform their intellectual and ethical understanding, and whose communication and critical thinking skills will allow them to contribute to the region and beyond in a variety of careers and positions. In carrying out this mission, the graduate faculty is committed to teaching excellence in all graduate-level courses by fostering writing and thinking skills in an array of writing-intensive, discussion-oriented classes and seminars and by incorporating current technology into teaching and learning.  The graduate faculty also share a strong commitment to our department's position as a regional focal point for a strong master's degree program in English, flexible enough to provide more advanced study for those who wish to further their intellectual development and rigorous enough to prepare students for doctoral work or other professional fields such as teaching, business, and law, thereby serving the region by providing graduates well-schooled in the liberal arts who contribute productively to their communities. 

Regular Admission

To be considered for regular admission, applicants must have an undergraduate degree in English or equivalent course work in English, a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.2, three positive letters of recommendation from professional sources qualified to address th e candidate's specific disciplinary strengths, and a persuasive narrative statement that articulates the candidate's reasons for pursuing a graduate degree in English.  Applicants should also demonstrate proficiency by achieving a minimum GRE Verbal score of 500 and a GRE Analytical Writing score of 4.5.  All decisions on admission will be made by the Graduate Program Committee and the Director of Graduate Studies, subject to final administrative approval. For additional information on admission requirements and deadlines or for information on other types of admission, please see the current Graduate Catalog or go to the Graduate School Homepage. Students interested in applying for assistantships for academic year 2007-2008 should have materials in by April 16, 2007.

Provisional Admission

Students who have a B.A. in English may be granted provisional admission using the Graduate School's minimum criteria for admission (see current Graduate Catalog or go to the Graduate School Homepage).  Students who have a bachelors degree in an area other than English may be granted provisional admission with the requirement that they  take nine (9) semester hours  in undergraduate English courses (or the equivalent) as stipulated by the department's Director of Graduate Studies and earn no grade lower than a  B. Students admitted provisionally must meet the specific academic standards set out for them at the time of admission to remain in the program and transfer to regular status.

For more information about the English program, contact: Dr. Josh Masters, Director of Graduate Studies in English,, 678-839-4853.

To request application materials or to apply online, visit the UWG Graduate School.

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