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English Exemption Exam


To qualify for the exam you must have the following:

A high school (overall) GPA of B or higher AND SAT verbal (critical reading) score of at least 570
- OR-
A high school (overall) GPA of B or higher AND an ACT English score of at least 25

**If you qualify and wish to take the exam, email Jonette Larrew at with the dates of your scheduled orientation You will receive an email confirming your registration and providing you with your exam date, time, and location.**


What You Should Know About the Exam

1. The purpose of the English Exemption Exam is to determine where you should be placed in our first-year writing sequence.  Based on the results of the exam, you will be placed in either ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1102.  When evaluating your exam, we will look carefully at the following elements:

Structure: your essay should have a thesis, clear organization, and strong paragraph development.

Content: your essay should provide evidence of strong critical thinking skills, evidence of logical analysis, and strong supporting evidence for your conclusions.

Grammatical Accuracy: your essay should demonstrate that you have a command of the basic grammatical and stylistic components necessary for college-level writing.

2. This is an essay exam.  You will have exactly 90 minutes to write the essay.  You will write your essay on one of the three topics provided to you by the proctor.

3. The results of your exam will be given to you before you register for classes.  We will send the results of your exam to the following offices: 1) Orientation Office; 2) Admissions; 3) Registrar; 4) The Honors College; 5) The College of Arts and Sciences.  We will also have the results on file in our department (TLC 2-255).

4. If you exempt 1101 and are placed into 1102, you will need to come by the English department to pick up a Credit by Examination form so you can receive core credit for ENGL 1101.


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