I teach a wide variety of courses, ranging from freshman level core curriculum and service courses to senior level mathematics courses for majors:


Math Tutoring Center

The Math Tutoring Center is a service provided by the Department of Mathematics for students in freshman level courses. It is open approximately 20 hours per week in room 205 of the Boyd Building. The Math Tutoring Center is not private tutoring: It is a place where you can go and work your homework and know there will be someone available to answer any questions should they arise.

Private Tutors

Private tutors are those who tutor for a fee which they set. This is not free tutoring.

Senior Seminar Projects

The following six senior seminar projects involve "breaking" a relatively brief affine digraph ciphered message. (For a description of an affine digraph cipher, see my presentation "Cryptography: Public Key vs. Private Key Cryptosystems" on the research page of my web site.) The only mathematical prequisites for these projects are a knowledge of basic linear algebra and a knowledge of modular arithmetic. Being able to program a computer might also come in handy.

Current Course Information

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Fall Semester, 2015

Spring Semester, 2016