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Betsy Dahms obtained her B.A. from Centre College and her M.A. and Ph.D in Hispanic Studies with a certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Kentucky. Dahms teaches Latin American and U.S. Latino Literatures in addition to Spanish language courses.

Her publications include “Es mucho hombre esta mujer: Una lectura Queer de Teresa en Sab” published in Retomando la palabra: las pioneras del diecinueve en diálogo con la crítica contemporánea(September 2012 Iberoamericana) edited by Claire Martin and Nelly Goswitz, "Pussy for Life: Adherence and Deviance from the Dominican Masculine Code in Junot Díaz's Drown" (MIFLC Review) and most recently "Shamanic Urgency and Two-Way Movement as Writing Style in the Works of Gloria Anzaldúa" in Letras Femeninas.

She is currently co-editing an anthology entitled Queer Perspectives in Anzaldúa: Post/Borderlands.


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