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Jeffrey Zamostny holds a PhD in Hispanic Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Social Theory from the University of Kentucky, as well as a BA in Spanish from McDaniel College in Westminister, Maryland.  He joined the faculty of the University of West Georgia in January of 2012 as Assistant Professor of Spanish.  His research examines discourses on modernity and sexuality in the mass culture of early twentieth-century Spain.  He argues in his doctoral thesis “Faustian Figures: Modernity and Male (Homo)sexualities in Spanish Commercial Literature, 1900-1936” that technological and socioeconomic modernization in Madrid and Barcelona both opened and closed opportunities for a variety of relationships between men.  Short novels and bourgeois plays from the time register this dynamic by making male (homo)sexual characters a point of constellation for desires and anxieties concerning urbanization, changing social hierarchies, the commercialization of art, and the medicalization of sex.  Zamostny has published in Chasqui, Decimonónica, and MELUS.  He has also served as editor of the peer-reviewed journals Nomenclatura: aproximaciones a los estudios hispánicos and disClosure: Journal of Social Theory.

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