Department of Geosciences

Name: Curtis Hollabaugh

Phone: (678) 839-4050


Ph.D.   Washington State University, 1980

B.S. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 1973

GEOL 1121 (Physical Geology), XIDS 2201 (Science Foundations), GEOL 3014 (Mineralogy and Crystallography),
GEOL 4014 (Geochemistry), GEOL 4083 (Environmental Geochemistry) GEOL 4082 (Geologiacl Problems)

Environmental geochemistry, geochemistry, and mineralogy. Water quality assessment of surface water. Field and laboratory analyses of water and sediment. Origin of vapor phase minerals in topaz rhyolite. X-ray Diffraction. Environmental geochemistry of nitrate, lead, and arsenic. The Merchandise of Death - lead, arsenic, mercury, DDT, PCBs, radiation, and tobacco.

Upper Tallapoosa Watershed Group:
  UTGW-reservoir-7 steps-exercise

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