Department of Geosciences

Name: Julie K. Bartley

Phone: (678) 839-4054


Ph.D.     University of California,
               Los Angeles, 1994

M.S.      University of California,
               Los Angeles, 1990

A.B.       Bryn Mawr College, 1988

Courses taught since Fall 2001:
Historical Geology (GEOL 1122)
Historical Geology Lab (GEOL 1122L)
Geology of National Parks (GEOL 2553)
What Do You Really Know About Darwinian Evolution (XIDS 2002)
Geology of Georgia (GEOL 4985)
Plate Tectonics (GEOL 4063)

Other courses taught: 
Special Topics: Environmental Science (GEOL 4985), 
Environmental Science for Teachers (GEOL 7594)
History of Life (GEOL 7594), 
Seminar: Carbonates (GEOL 4501)
Seminar: Mars (GEOL 4501) 

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Geochemistry of Mesoproterozoic Carbonates; Mesoproterozoic Ocean Chemistry 

Carbon Cycling and Tectonics during the Mesoproterozoic 

Fossilization Processes in Microorganisms (Microbial Taphonomy) 

Carbonate fabrics and carbonate precipitation during the Proterozoic


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