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Home Academics Geography Programs B.A. - Geography (Degree focuses on human geography)

B.A. - Geography (Degree focuses on human geography)

Geography is a field of study that endeavors to explain the ways in which nature and society interact and mutually impact upon each other and the connections between local and global human and physical systems.  Geography also seeks to understand, interpret, and represent where things are and why, how they differ from place to place, and what the answers to those questions mean for society and the environment.  Analytically, geographers focus on the roles of place (locale, context), space (area, distance, boundaries), and scale (geographical extent or field of action) in human and physical processes.   

The BA Degree in Geography emphasizes Human Geography, which focuses on economic, political, social, and cultural phenomena as well as, in many cases, the interaction of those with the biophysical environment.

Core Areas A, B, C, D, E (see Core Curriculum requirements) (42 hours)
Area F (18 hours)
• One of the following (3 hours)
    GEOG 2083 Introduction to Geographical Analysis
    MATH 2063 Introductory Statistics                                                   
• Foreign Languages 2002 (3 hours)
• GEOG 2553 Introduction to GIS and Mapping Science (3 hours)
• Any courses 2000 or below from: (9 hours)
     ANTH, ECON, ENVS, Foreign Languages, GLOB, HIST, PHIL, PLAN, POLS, SOCI 

Total Core Hours (60 hours)

Must have at least 39 total hours from courses 3000 or above, 21 of which must be taken in Geography. 

Lower-Division Requirements (6-15 hours)
• GEOG 1013 World Geography (if not taken in the core) (0-3 hours)
• One of the following (if not taken in the core): (0-3 hours)
    GEOG 1111 Introduction to Physical Geography
    GEOG 1112 Weather and Climate                    
    GEOG 1113 Landform Geography
• GEOG 2083 Introduction to Geographical Analysis (if not taken in the core) (0-3 hours)
• GEOG 2010 Political Geography (3 hours)
• GEOG 2503 Cultural Geography (3 hours)

Upper-Division Requirements (28 hours)
• GEOG 3253 Economic Geography (3 hours)
• GEOG 3643 Urban Geography (3 hours)
• GEOG 4084 Senior Seminar: Why Geography Matters (3 hours)
• GEOG 4553 Geographic Information Systems (4 hours)
• One of the following: (3 hours)                                                                                 
    GEOG 3010 Rethinking Geopolitics
    GEOG 3085 Selected Topics in Regional Geography                                 
    GEOG 3644 Atlanta’s Geographies
    GEOG 4013 Globalization     
    GEOG 4503 Culture, Space, and Place                                                            
• GEOG courses 3000 or above (12 hours)                                                               

Electives (17-26 hours)
• Minor (optional) and/or electives
  At least 11 hours from courses 3000 or higher 

Major (60 hours)

Total (120 hours)