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Home Academics Geology Programs B.S. - Geology: Pre-Graduate School Concentration

B.S. - Geology: Pre-Graduate School Concentration

Graduate geology programs typically expect students to take particular courses in their elective set. We have had success in placing students in graduate programs, and the courses below represent the set of courses that maximizes a student's potential success in graduate school. This list contains some courses that are more appropriate as electives in other tracks.

Core Curriculum - All Students

Core Areas A, B, C, D, E (42 hours):

Area A must have MATH 1113 or higher

Area D must have option II (Science Majors)

Area D: MATH 1634 or 2063 recommended

Core Area F (18 hours):

GEOL 1121-1122; 1121L, 1122L

MATH 1113, 1634 (1 hour each assigned to Area F)

CHEM 1211, and one of the following: CHEM 1212, PHYS 1111-1112; BIOL 1107-1108 (with lab)

(note that 8 hours of lab science are included in area D)

Required Upper Division Geology Courses - All Students

GEOL 3004 4 units Field Geology and Geologic Methods. Fall Semester (yearly)

GEOL 3014 4 units Mineralogy and Crystallography. Fall Semester (yearly)

GEOL 3024 4 units Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology. Spring Semester (yearly)

GEOL 3034 4 units Structural Geology. Spring Semester (yearly)

GEOL 3042 2 units Optical Mineralogy. Fall Semester (yearly)

GEOL 3053 3 units Sedimentary Petrology. Spring Semester (yearly)

GEOL 4024 4 units Paleontology. Fall Semester (yearly)

GEOL 4051 1 unit Geology Seminar. Every semester

GEOL 4063 3 units Plate Tectonics. Spring Semester (yearly)

GEOL 4082 1unit Independent Reserach. Every semester

 Required Courses for Concentration

CHEM 1212 4 units Principles of Chemistry II (if not in Area F)

MATH 1634 4 units Calculus I

MATH 2644 4 units Calculus II

GEOL 2002 3 units Applied Computing for the Geociences

GEOL 4014 4 units Geochemistry

GEOL 4044/4084 4 units Engineering Geology/Hydrogeology

GEOL 4033 3 units Stratigraphy & Geochronology

Approved Electives 5-17 units