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Home Academics Geology Programs B.S. - Geology: Pre-Professional Concentration

B.S. - Geology: Pre-Professional Concentration

The majority of geology majors intend to work in geoscience fields. Our department has, in the past, been enormously successful in placing students in entry-level positions throughout the southeast. The course list below represents the most important courses for students who intend to enter industry following graduation.

Core Curriculum - All Students

Core Areas A, B, C, D, E (42 hours):

Area A must have MATH 1113 or higher

Area D must have option II (Science Majors)

Area D: MATH 1634 or 2063 recommended

Core Area F (18 hours):

GEOL 1121-1122; 1121L, 1122L

MATH 1113, 1634 (1 hour each assigned to Area F)

CHEM 1211, and one of the following: CHEM 1212, PHYS 1111-1112; BIOL 1107-1108 (with lab)

(note that 8 hours of lab science are included in area D)

Required Upper Division Geology Courses - All Students

GEOL 3004 4 units Field Geology and Geologic Methods. Fall Semester (yearly)

GEOL 3014 4 units Mineralogy and Crystallography. Fall Semester (yearly)

GEOL 3024 4 units Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology. Spring Semester (yearly)

GEOL 3034 4 units Structural Geology. Spring Semester (yearly)

GEOL 3042 2 units Optical Mineralogy. Fall Semester (yearly)

GEOL 3053 3 units Sedimentary Petrology. Spring Semester (yearly)

GEOL 4024 4 units Paleontology. Fall Semester (yearly)

GEOL 4051 1 unit Geology Seminar. Every semester

GEOL 4063 3 units Plate Tectonics. Spring Semester (yearly)

GEOL 4082 1unit Independent Reserach. Every semester

 Required Courses for Concentration

PHYS 1111 4 units Introductory Physics I (if not in Area F)

MATH 1634 3 units Calculus I

MATH 2063 3 units Introductory Statistics

GEOL 2002 3 units Applied Computing for the Geosciences

GEOL 4083 4 units Environmental Geochemistry

GEOL 4044 4 units Engineering Geology

GEOL 4084 4 units Hydrogeology

GEOL 4553 or 3563 4 or 3 units GIS  / Remote Sensing

Approved Electives 2-10 units