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GIS Certificate Program

The Department of Geosciences at the University of West Georgia offers a 15 hour course of study leading to a Geographic Information Systems Certificate. The GIS Certificate is designed to meet the needs of students and community. The GIS Certificate program aims at providing post-graduate students and field professionals with updated GIS knowledge and skills for further enhancement of their GIS career. It also aims at providing traditional students with a set of practical GIS skills to access the GIS market.

The UWG GIS Certificate Program will provide you vital skills on:

  • creating, managing, analyzing and visualizing GIS data
  • using GIS software packages for research and services
  • processing and analyzing remotely-sensed digital imagery, and
  • designing valuable maps
The learning outcomes are:
  • Demonstrate competence in mapping and/or visualization of geospatial data
  • Demonstrate competence in managing geospatial data
  • Demonstrate competence in analyzing geospatial data
  • Demonstrate competence in working with GIS tools
  • Demonstrate understanding of using geospatial techniques for spatial decision making


The GIS Certificate is open to all professionals and current students who have a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.5 or above. Any bachelor’s degree meets the requirement of admission. Prospective students must apply for the admission to the non-degree seeking program as described in the Graduate Catalog. The current students who are enrolled in the UWG Graduate programs do not need to apply for the admission.

Please check out the Graduate School Website ( to start your application process.

You can start the GIS Certificate Program at any semester.

Course Requirements

Students lacking appropriate background may be required to take GEOG 5551 (Introduction to GIS and Mapping Sciences. 3 Cr.). Please consult the Department about waiving GEOG 5551.

Required Courses

Students must take the following two courses: (8 credit hours total)
GEOG 5553 Geographic Information Systems (4 cr. Prereq. - GEOG 5551)
GEOG 5563 Remote Sensing (4 cr. No prereq.)

Students must take two from the following courses: (7-8 credit hours total)
GEOG 5086 Internship (3 credit hours maximum)
GEOG 5554 Computer Cartography (4 credit hours)
GEOG 5562 Airphoto Interpretation and Photogrammetry (4 credit hours)
GEOG 6082 Directed Problems (3 credit hours)
GEOG 6446 Special Topics (4 credit hours)
GEOG 6677 Image Processing (4 credit hours)
GEOG 6753 Advanced GIS and Spatial Analysis (4 credit hours)
GEOG 6755 GIS Database Design (4 credit hours)
GEOG 6757 Programming and Customization in GIS (4 credit hours)
GEOG 6893 Practicum in GIS (4 credit hours)

Students can substitute an elective course for GEOG 5553 if they have taken GEOG 4553 (Geographic Information Systems) within the three years prior to admission into the GIS Certificate Program. Students can also substitute an elective course for GEOG 5563 if they have taken GEOG 3563 (Remote Sensing) within the three years prior to admission into the GIS Certificate Program.

The Certificate will be issued to students who complete at least 15 credit hours of required courses with a B or better grade.

Accurate fee schedules may be obtained by consulting the Graduate School.  Please check out the "Tuition $ Fees FY.." link at

UWG Geosciences Department has maintained leading-edge GIS resources including ESRI site license, ERDAS Imagine HEAK license, Pixoneer PG-Steamer license, large-format plotters, large-format scanners, GIS faculty and staff, and GIS labs.

Please feel free to contact the Department or Dr. Seong ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for more information.

Thank you for your interest in GIS Certificate!