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Home News and Events Geosciences organizes river cleanup

Geosciences organizes river cleanup

 The Department of Geosciences, Geosciences Club, and the Upper Tallapoosa Watershed Group held their 11th annual river cleanup on Saturday, September 12th.  The event, hosted by Georgia Rivers Alive, attracted 81 volunteers that logged 243 volunteer hours and collected 74 bags of trash.  (More pictures after the jump.)


 One group worked in Haralson County, while the rest concentrated on the Little Tallapoosa River and its tributaries on the UWG campus.  Also this year parking lots on campus were cleaned, with particular emphasis on the collection of lead wheel weights, used to balance tires.  According to the EPA, ~50 million pounds of lead are used in the US each year to manufacture these weights.  Several dozen were found and recycled.  Other materials recycled were plastics, aluminum cans, and all metals.  The most common items found during the cleanup were aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and cigarette butts.  The most unusual items collected were a mouthguard, underwear, a fridge, a TV, a gate, and a kiddie pool.