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2009 GGS Field Trip

The 2009 Georgia Geological Society Field Trip will be held October 9-11, 2009.  We will be headquartered in Milledgeville, GA, at the Fairfield Inn.The trip will mostly visit the Coastal Plain near the Fall Line; however, we will visit at least one Piedmont locality.  Planned field trip stops include kaolin mines, tour of a kaolin processing plant, collecting fossils in the Sandersville Limestone, discussion of the Late Eocene meteorite impact, tektite hunt, Eocene sequence stratigraphy, trace fossils, dam engineering, hydrology, discussion of seismology and subsurface Triassic basins, and a hard rock stop with granites and metamorphic rocks, and interesting structures.For more information see:
Registration form:
Professional cost = $65
Student cost = $20
Lunches $7/day for Sat and Sun

(Saturday we will have chicken and pork BBQ; Sunday will be Subway sandwiches)