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Students compete in Geography Bowl

UWG Geography students Zachary Little and Katie Williams attended the recent SEDAAG meeting in Knoxville, TN, and competed in the regional Geography Bowl.  Zachary and Katie combined with students from Georgia State and UGA to form the Georgia team, which placed fifth overall, (more pictures and sample questions after the jump)

despite (or because of?) some hometown judges and moderators.  The Georgia team faced the following questions and were not able, amid the tension and drama that can only be associated with this annual event, to answer them quickly enough, as their thoughts were on the term papers, oral presentations, and final exams that awaited them on their home campuses:

  • Name the top five turkey producing states. 
  • Name the top five cranberry producing states.
  • Into which oceans to the following seas flow? (Red, White, Black, Yellow, Coral)
  • From which of the following did these countries acquire their independence? (Guinea Bissau, Indonesia, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Vietnam)
  • What are the top five coal producing states?
  •  What are the top five coal producing countries?
  • What are the five largest cities that start with the letter "L"?
  • What are the top five NHL player producing states?
  • What are the top five NHL player producing countries?

This reporter cannot recall the answer to any of these questions and SEDAAG headquarters did not return his call.  He can say with almost complete certainty that Georgia is not among the top five turkey or cranberry producing states in the United States, nor was it the correct answer to any of the other questions.