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Geoscience Club

Geoscience Club

The West Georgia Geoscience Club provides an opportunity for anyone with an interest in geology, geography, and earth science, including students, faculty, and alumni, to get together for fellowship and the study of the Earth sciences. Club sponsored activities have include field trips, camping trips, caving trips, river rafting, and on occasion, a little get together in the evening. The club's most famous activity is the annual "Pig Roast" during which, believe it or not, we roast a pig.


Dues are $15.00 a year. Members in good standing can attend all the club functions and take part in the planning of events like field trips. They are also given free admission to the Pig Roast. The club will pay some of the cost of expensive items like the cost of university vans on field trips but members who attend these events may be asked to pay an additional fee. This keeps dues down. The club also has a supply of tee shirts and sweat shirts for sale. Contact Richard Sanders, Curtis Hollabaugh, or any of the club officers for more information.

We sell something!

We have items for sale available to club members, faculty, alumni, and most anyone who wants them. The good news is that purchasing club items also provides some much needed funding for club activities.
  • Personal Supplies:
    • Short Sleeve "T" Shirts $5.00-$10.00
    • Polo Shirts $20.00. 2XL, 3XL & 4XL Sizes Available.

      There are shirts in stock now, you can get these immediately.

  • Mapping Supplies:
    • Colored Pencils $10.00 set
    • Engineering Scales $6.00
    • Hand Lens $15.00
    • Mapping Paper $5.00
    • Rock Hammers $25.00
    • Acid Bottle $3.00
    • UTM Plotter 2 for $1.00

To place an order or get more information contact Anita Cline at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the department, (678) 839-6479.

Pig Roast

We're getting good at it. The event is held early in the fall and it has become an opportunity for graduating seniors to celebrate with their colleagues and the faculty, for the juniors to learn how to roast a pig, and for alumni to come back to West Georgia and visit with friends and faculty and to meet the new crop of geology students. Attendance is not restricted to geoscientists. The event is regularly attended by students and faculty from many other departments, and even the occasional administrator. Geologists from all over the state often attend. It is not unusual to have 150 people.

The food is always good. In addition to roast pig there are always lots of side dishes and deserts contributed by Geoscience students and faculty. There is always a volleyball game going on and you can anticipate seeing a frisbee or two as well as a softball, football, or soccer ball. One year someone brought a boomerang and there have been kites in the air on occasion.

Check the News section to find out upcoming pigroast event.

Other Events

The Pig Roast is not our only activity. We've rafted the Ocoee river, searched for minerals and fossils all over the southeast, crawled through caves, visited mines, and looked silly at Halloween parties.