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Thank you for visiting our facility!  Currently we are under heavy construction,
so please bear with us!
Welcome, and thank you for visiting our site!  Our center is dedicated to research
from all areas.  Our machine is capable of not only traditional high vacuum microscopy,
but we also have low vacuum and environmental modes.  What this means is the ability
to look at delicate specimens without having to coat them first with a conductive
layer.  A true image of the specimen can be obtained with no loss of detail.
Please visit our image gallery where you will find amazing pictures of such things as
common bugs, plants, growing crystals, and even superconductor fibers!

Vision for the Center -

The West Georgia Microscopy Center serves as a regional research center and as a focal point for public education and science teacher training. Recent and ongoing research projects have included both university research and private sector work.  Our goal is to get every student in a science class to see the SEM, either in person or remotely.



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