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Dr. Julie Bartley (Department of Geosciences, UWG)

1. Investigation of microbial decay processes. In this project, we are using the electron microscope to investigate the process of decomposition and preservation of algae and cyanobacteria. In conjunction with light microscopy, we are charting the decay path taken in these organisms during the days to weeks after death.

2. Preservation of microfossils in shale. In this project we are using the electron microscope in conjunction with light microscopy to assess the quality of preservation and pattern of decomposition in single-celled microfossils (called acritarchs). We then examine the geochemical characteristics of these fossils to determine relationships between morphological decomposition and chemical change.

3. Electron microscopy of carbonate fabrics. The electron microscope provides several tools for exploring the crystallography, morphology, and elemental composition of mineral textures in limestones and dolostones. Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), used in conjunction with secondary electron and backscatter imaging are powerful tools in investigating the nature of these fabrics.

Dr. Johnny Waters (Department of Geosciences, UWG, retired)

1. Ontogeny (development) of blastoids and other echinoderms.
2. Ultrastructure of microfauna

Dr. Christopher Tabit (Department of Biology, UWG)

        1. Ultrastructure of shark placoid scales

Dr. Perry Kirk (Department of Art, UWG)

1. Traces: electron microscopy at the intersection of forensics and art.

Dr. Curtis Hollabaugh (Department of Geosciences, UWG)

        1. Elemental composition of minerals in rhyolite flows from the western US
        2. Growth of minerals on beryl

Dr. Christopher Maples (Desert Research Institute)

Dr. A. Jay Kaufman (Department of Geology, University of Maryland)

1. Relationships between acritarch paleoecology and geochemistry

Dr. Ben DeMayo (Department of Physics, UWG)

                1. Structure and composition of superconductors

Dr. James Espinosa (Department of Physics, UWG)

                1. Electrode materials analysis

Dr. Andy Leavitt (Department of Chemistry)

                1. Gold nanocrystals investigation
                2. Oxidation of cooling tanks for Plant Wansley, Carroll Co.



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