who am I?

My name is Gene Liverman. I work for Information Technology Services here at UWG. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems from the Richards College of Business here in 2009 and my Master's degree in Applied Computer Science in 2014. In ITS I am a Systems Integration Architect and am responsible for servers running a variety of operating systems including:

In my spare time, I also do programming and play with Arduino's. Check out my work:
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What I actually do as a Sys. Admin.

I take care of many different servers that provide a range of services including (but not limited to) email, web sites, DHCP, DNS, and more. Some of the other servers I take care of run virtual machines (both Windows & Linux ones) while others take care of backing everything up. Additionally, I run a monitoring system that utilizes Zabbix. This system helps us know when things start acting up and can also help us avert problems.

Besides working on servers, I also spend a fair amount of time working on major projects and occasionally teach classes on technology. A couple of the more notable projects I am a part of are:

  1. The migration of Banner off of Solaris SPARC and onto Red Hat Linux
  2. The migration to Google Apps for Education (email, Google Docs, etc.)

The classes that I teach cover things like

Speed IT Class - Google+ in 15 Minutes
A quick look into Google+ examining what it is and why you might care about it.
Web Browsers
A look at your choices and some addons for them.