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Books Available

Fall into Math, Science  K-1  seasons, holidays

Glide into Winter   K-1  winter, holidays

Spring into Math, Science  K-1  plants, holidays

Sense-Able Science   K-1  explore 5 senses

Primarily Plants   K-3  plant studies

Primarily Physics   K-3  sound, light, heat

Cycles of Knowing,Growing  1-3  cyclical changes of life

Primarily Earth   K-3  earth, air, water

Under Construction   K-2  building, variables, data

Water, Precious Water  2-6  cycles, treatment, distribution

Exploring Environments  K-6  ecosystems

Critters     K-6  classification, biomes, food chains

Primarily Bears   K-6  math concepts

Bats Incredible   2-4  adaptation, diversity

Hard-Hatting in a Geo World  3-5  structures, measurement, geometry

Jaw Breakers, Heart Thumpers 3-5  food/nutrition, human body

Popping with Power   3-5  energy sources, conservation

The Budding Botanist   3-6  seeds, plants, plant cell

Field Detectives   3-6  habitats around schoolyard

Overhead and Underfoot  3-5  weather, environment

Just For the Fun of It   4-8  collection of mathematical investigations

Soap Film and Bubbles  4-9  soap film behavior

Finding Your Bearings  4-9  geography, science, math integration

Math + Science   5-9  math, science integration

The Sky’s the Limit   5-9  aerodynamics

From Head to Toe   5-9  human body, systems

Floaters and Sinkers   5-9  density

Fun with Food    5-9  analysis of common foods

Down to Earth    5-9  geology, meteorology, oceanography

Pieces and Patterns   5-9  process skills

Our Wonderful World   5-9  environmental studies

Out of this World   4-8  solar system, astronomy

Magnificent Microworld Adventures 4-9  microscope activities

Machine Shop    5-9  simple machines

Through the Eyes of Explorers 5-9  math, science, history integration

Brick Layers    4-9  use with LEGO DACTA kits,engineering

Off the Wall Science   3-9  hodge-podge of activities

Mostly Magnets   2-8  behavior of magnets

Electrical Connections  4-9  static electricity, circuits, conduction

Just for the Fun of It   4-9  math activities, problem solving

Teaching Science with Everyday K-12  practical help

Historical Connections in Math(I) 4-10  history and math integration, 

Historical Connections in Math(II) 4-10              biographies, quotes, 

Historical Connections in Math(III) 4-10  anecdotes with activities

Actions with Fractions  4-9  helps to visualize fractional parts

Gravity Rules    5-12  with video, uses sky-diving to teach

GEMS BOOKS INVENTORY (Great Explorations in Math and Science)

Eggs Eggs Everywhere                       pre-K-1                   life cycle, habitats, form and function

Investigating Artifacts                         K-6                          anthropology, archeology

Mystery Festival                                  2-8                           forensic science

Ocean Currents                                  5-8                           oceanography, pollution

Color Analyzers                                   5-9                           properties of light and color

Dry Ice Investigations                      6-8                           phase change, behavior of gases

Plate Tectonics                                     6-8                           earth science

Acid Rain                                              6-8                           acid-base, buffers, environmental issues

Convection                                           6-9                           heat transfer

Wizard’s Lab                                        all ages                   interactive exhibits on motion, waves, electricity, etc.



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