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Classroom Kits Available

Environmental Teachers Corps (Georgia Power):

Classroom Kit Grade
Environmental Park, Hop into Habitats K
My Friend in the Backyard
Triple "R" Ranger
Water Wise, Renew Our Rivers 2,3
Air, Air Everywhere 3
Energize Me 4,5
Clean Air Grand Prix 5-8


WGYSTC can present these programs in your classroom, or you can check them out for use.

Geology of Georgia Kits-rocks, minerals, CD-Rom, lesson plans, maps.  8 boxes, each serves 10 students

Germ Patrol (Dept. Human Resources) - elementary health/immunization.  Classroom set of story books with correlated hands-on activities

DELTA - (very similar to FOSS – but geared for elementary students)  kits covering:

  • Weather
  • Magnets
  • Force and Motion