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Videos Available

The Accident at Jefferson High- lab safety video

Apollo 13 (PG)

Blue Planet (KW)

The Burning Season (The Weather Channel)

The Challenge of Flight Set

Cosmic Voyage (KW)

Dangers Edge (The Weather Channel)

Distance Learning

Environmental Career Opportunities for Minorities

Fire Safe-Inside and Out (Ca. Dept. of Forestry and Fire Prevention)

Fossils:Earth Science in Action.Schlessinger Media

Habitats:Real World Science.Sunburst Video

I Dig Fossils.  Mazon Productions

Ignite the Imagination, grades 5-8 with curriculum guide (Estes)

Jurassic Park (PG13)

Medicine Man (PG13) (KW)

Racing to Save the Planet, with Hank Aaron

The Right Stuff (PG)

Rocks and Minerals:  Science In Action.  TMW Media Group

Starfinder Lesson Series #0-30  (NASA)

Toys in Space (2) with lesson plans

Wonders of Weather Set (The Learning Channel)

World’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes

Video Disc Programs (VideoDiscovery)

Physics of Flight

Understanding Earth (geology)
FOSS Video-Discs:
Ecosystems (use with Environments)

Electricity and Magnetism

Geology (use with Landforms)

Human Body

Learning About Animals

Learning About the Earth

Learning About Energy