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West GYSTC Fossil Pit

Fossil PitThe West Georgia Youth Science and Technology Center has constructed a fossil pit and covered work area on the west side of the UWG campus. This project was funded by an education grant from the Southwire Company in Carrollton. Forty tons of fossiliferous limestone from the Oconee Mine, a kaolin mine near Sandersville, Georgia, was used to fill the 20’ by 20’ by 2’ pit. The rock material, which is approximately 40 million years old, was donated by mine owner, John Grosshans. A variety of fossils can be uncovered here-shark teeth, oyster shells, molds and casts of other marine organisms.

Fossil Pit      Fossil Pit

Archeology Twin Pit:

e UWG Archeology Lab has a twin pit filled with artifacts and used to instruct children in the proper methods of excavation and related scientific processes.