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West Georgia Youth Science and Technology Center offers a wide variety of programs for both students and teachers. Many of these programs can be held at your school. We also offer programs that take place at our location at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton.

Family Science Nights

GYSTC Family Science Nights involve parents and the community in standards-based science activities at elementary or middle schools. Fun and quick, these activities work well with PTA meetings, open houses, or as a stand alone event. Math nights are also available. Read the PDF document describing the activities.

Butterfly Program

Young students love a visit from the “Butterfly Man” during which hands-on activities demonstrate the important role pollinators play in the environment.

Student Programs

The WGYSTC student programs are designed to get students excited about learning science. Hands-on activities engage the student in the lesson and learning becomes fun. Click on an option below to learn more:

Teacher Programs

The WGYSTC programs are offered to guide teachers in their pursuit of creating enthusiasm for the learning of science. These classes are designed to show innovative hands-on methods for involving the student, all the while enriching the teacher as well. Click on an option below to learn more: