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Field Trips

Member Systems’ Cost:

Fossils & Geology Double Session with Dig - $8.00 per student
Habitats/Camouflage Field Trip Single Session - $5.00 per student
Electricity Field Trip, Single Session - $5.00

Non-Member Costs:

Fossils & Geology $13.00 per student
Habitats/Camouflage $8.00 per student
Electricity $8.00 per student

Teachers’ Role:

Visiting teachers are asked to be present with their classes the entire time, and to help monitor students during hands-on activities.

How to Register:

Call with questions at 678-839-6147

If there is not a field trip in the area of science desired, please contact the gystc coordinator at srich@westga.edu so that we may tailor a field trip to meet your needs.



The WGYSTC has constructed a fossil pit and that contains actual fossils from a middle Georgia mine in a real rock matrix. Students will become paleontologists for the day as they learn about the different types of fossils and how they are formed. They will then experience the trials of real-world scientists as they explore the pit to locate and extract fossils. The fossils will be identified and students can select one to take home with them.

On-Site Mock Excavation - Third, Fourth, Fifth grade -

Alongside the WGYSTC fossil pit, the Archeology Department of UWG has built a mock excavation site where students will learn hands-on archeology as they excavate, sift and identify artifacts collected from this location.