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In-School Programs allow a full science presentation to be delivered at your school. The WGYSTC representative brings hands-on activities that engage the students in the lesson so that learning becomes fun. One of the favorites is the Family Science Night where students and their parents explore science experiments and math activities together.

Family Science Night

This program is located at the school, usually in association with a PTO meeting, and is designed to involve the whole family. Parents and students experiment with a variety of activities and take-home projects brought by the WGYSTC coordinator and presented by the teachers. Some examples are Animal Tracks, Sink or Float, Magnificent Magnets, Grab a Gram, Bed of Nails, and Giant Bubbles.

Customized Programs

If you have a specific topic that you would like addressed, contact the Center and we’ll customize a presentation for your classroom. We do programs for K-8 grade based on GYSTC written Performance Standard Based Curriculum.