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Find a Physician at Tanner Medical Center
Family Planning Clinic
     Appointments are necessary for family planning clinics. The appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
     Family planning includes contraceptive education and counseling, physical examination, pap smear, urinalysis, sexually transmitted disease screening, prescriptions for oral contraceptives, diaphragm, and/or appropriate medication. There is a nominal charge for lab work and oral contraceptives.
Allergy Clinic
     Allergy injections are administered during the physician's hours Monday through Friday, provided the student furnishes the allergic extracts which are refrigerated and stored in the Student Health Center.
Other Services
     Various educative and preventive programs are offered from time to time by one of the nurse practitioners. A large variety of health education materials is available free of charge. See table below .
     A registered pharmacist fills most prescriptions issued to students by Health Services personnel. The health fee covers many frequently prescribed medications. A few special medications are also stocked at a modest price. If the medication needed for treatment is not available in the Health Center pharmacy, it must be purchased from a local druggist by the student. Over the counter drugs are available from the nursing staff or pharmacy.
Psychological Services
     Psychological services are available through the Student Development Center (678-839-6428). Referral to counseling will be made, when appropriate, by the Student Health Service.
     Counseling is available at no cost to the student.
     All new students (freshman, transfers, and others) attending regularly scheduled classes or receiving resident credit will be required to submit a Certificate of Immunization prior to attending classes. The certificate will be kept on file and will be valid throughout the tenure of the student.
Special Parking Permits
     Permanently disabled students should obtain a statement from a physician indicating disability and take the statement to the Public Safety Office to obtain a parking decal.
     Students with temporary disability must visit the Health Center for special parking authorization as determined by the physician. Students must have a registered motor vehicle and must pay the student parking fee in order to receive a special parking permit.
List of Other Services
Free Services Services with Associated Fee as of 11-17-06
(prices are subject to change)
Glucose Screening Executive Profile $50.00
Hemoglobin Pregnancy Test $5.00
Urine Analysis Morning After Pill $25.00
Spirometry Full Pap Smear $60.00
Breathing Treatment - Nebulizer Gonorrhea/Chlamydia Testing $35.00
Blood Pressure Check Herpes Testing  $8.00
Allergy Shots Administration Colposcopy $95.00
Sutures (and removal) Complete Blood Count $7.00
HIV Testing Flu Testing $10.00
Syphilis Testing Flu Shot (staff/faculty) $15.00
EKG's Allergy Shots Administration (staff/faculty) $5.00
IV Fluids    
Over the Counter Medications    
Strep Test *May call to receive pricing for services not listed  
Mono Test    
Wart Treatment    
Flu Shots (for students)