Immunization Policy

Effective Spring Semester 2005, the list of required immunizations for new students entering a state, public college/university has been updated as required by Georgia Board of Regents policy. The purpose of this new policy is to ensure that students are protected against communicable diseases that are preventable and to reduce the likelihood of an epidemic or threatened epidemic on a Georgia public college/university campus.

The Georgia Board of Regents/University System of Georgia, in conjunction with the Division for Public Health of the Georgia Department of Human Resources and the Centers of Disease Control, has created guidelines for implementing the new immunization standards on Georgias public college campuses. The policy, implementation guidelines, and the chart of required/recommended immunizations can be found at

Students who have previously attended a state public college/university are not exempt from this updated, revised immunization requirement.

NOTE: All immunization documentation must be recorded and submitted on a UWG Certificate of Immunization form!

**All immunization forms must be submitted directly to the Office of Student Health Services**