University of West Georgia
Graduate Program in History




The Graduate Coordinator serves as the main advisor for the graduate program. The Coordinator maintains official graduate files and assists students in preparing the forms needed to advance to candidacy, to complete the thesis and/or examinations, and to do anything else that is necessary to graduate.  All graduate students who are not majoring in public history are responsible for arranging a meeting with the Coordinator at least once each semester to discuss their progress toward a degree.

The Public History Coordinator advises students pursuing a concentration in public history and/or the Museum Studies or Public History Certificates and oversees the internship program. Students focusing on public history should meet with the Public History Coordinator at least once each semester to discuss their progress. 
Once students have determined their primary research interest, they need to select an academic advisor.  This should be done as soon as possible but, at the latest, after finishing nine hours of graduate course work.  Academic advisors assist students with class selection and scheduling, direct their theses or thesis/projects, and chair the examination or defense committees. Advisors work closely with the Graduate Studies Coordinator to ensure that the student completes his or her course work and degree requirements in a timely manner.