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University of West Georgia
Graduate Program in History



Areas of Study in History 

            The History Department offers the six following major fields of study but also permits students to develop their own concentration for minor fields:

1. US. History

2. Southern History

3. Early Modern Europe

4. Modern European History

5. Comparative Global History 

6. Public History:  Students selecting this option may concentrate in a general public history field or they may choose a more specialized area like museum studies, community history, or archives. However, all students concentrating in public history must take the Introduction to Public History (if they have not had this class as an undergraduate student) and a Public History Internship. 

For minor fields: Graduate students may, under special circumstances, create their own area of concentration for a major or minor.  Students choosing this option should submit proposals for an independent concentration to the Graduate Coordinator by the end of the first semester of course work or at the completion of nine hours of graduate study.  Examples of independent concentrations include Women's History, Latin American History, and Labor History.