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University of West Georgia
Graduate Program in History



Advancing to Candidacy

Advancement to candidacy for a Master’s degree may be granted by the Graduate School to any regular graduate student who, according to the following requirements: 

1.  Has a reasonable expectation of graduating in the following semester;
2.  Has filed an application for candidacy in the office of the Dean of the Graduate School. 
3.  Has been recommended by the major department;
4.  Has submitted to the Graduate School a program of study (a form for listing each course the student has taken, along with the grades received in them) approved by the Graduate Coordinator, the department chair, the Dean of the Graduate School and, if applicable, an approved “prospectus”
Anyone planning to do a thesis or a public history thesis/project needs to include four copies of a prospectus (see Thesis Prospectus Guidelines below) with the program of study.  You will need to have all members of your committee approve the prospectus before submitting it to the graduate school. Advance to Candidacy forms are now online and can be found on the department’s graduate program website.

Students must submit the required materials by the middle of the semester prior to the semester in which they have a reasonable expectation of graduating. Please see the Graduate School’s website for the dates when all forms are due. At the same time, they need to pay a graduation fee and fill in special forms for graduation.  A student’s advisor will be notified by the Dean of the Graduate School when the student has been admitted to candidacy.  This is, however, no guarantee or promise that the student will receive his or her degree.