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Graduate Program in History




Early registration typically takes place in April for the summer and fall semesters and in November for the spring semester.  Late registration occurs during the few days before and after classes begin.  Returning students who register during the late period will have to pay additional fees.  Please consult the semester bulletins for information about adding and dropping classes. Graduate course listings for the History Department are found on Banweb each semester.

Selecting courses
Students should select courses in concert with their academic advisor, the graduate coordinator, and/or the public history coordinator, according to their degree plan.  The History Department maintains a tentative schedule of classes for two years in advance to assist students in assessing which classes to take.  The recommended load for a full time graduate student is nine hours per semester; the maximum is twelve hours.  We encourage students who have full-time jobs not to take more than one course (three hours) at a time without faculty permission.  A graduate student should plan to average four hours of study for every hour in a class.

Graduate students have to take at least half of their courses at the 6000-level, including Historiography and thesis hours.  This distribution of classes requires careful planning.  Students who are pursuing the non-thesis option should take advantage of graduate seminars offered each semester to ensure that they have enrolled for a sufficient number of 6000-level courses.  In special circumstances, graduate students may be able to enroll in up to two directed reading classes at the 6000-level.  Students who are pursuing the public history degree must take at least one internship for three hours credit. 

Students enrolled in the MA program who also received their BA from the University of West Georgia may not take a course at the 5000-level if they have already taken the same course at the 4000-level, even if the course was taught by a different professor. The student may take a 6000-level course on the same topic, or the student may sign up for a directed reading on the same topic as the course taken at the 4000-level. But the work completed for the directed reading must be substantively different from the work completed for the 4000-level course.

Courses requiring special permission for registration
Some courses require written permission from the faculty member and department chair before students may register.  There is a special form that must be filled out and signed by the supervising faculty member and department chair. After the form has been signed, students should take them to the Registrar’s Office.  Permission forms are available in the History Department Office.  These classes include:
HIS 6481 - Directed Reading or Independent Studies (students may take up to two directed reading or independent study courses)
HIS 6486 - Public History Internship
HIS 6699 - Thesis

HIS 6283 - Continuing Research (This is a one hour course for students who have already finished their required courses but need to enroll during the semester when they plan to graduate.  This allows the student to keep student status, including the right to use the library, without having to pay too much money.)