Orientation of Graduate Students and Evaluation of Orientation Program




Orientation for New Graduate Students (From Graduate Student Handbook, Section #8)


The Graduate College and the History Department offer orientations for new graduate students the week before classes begin each semester. These sessions will help students learn about the process of registration, campus services and programs that relate to graduate students, and the layout of the campus. They also offer a good opportunity to meet other graduate students and some of the faculty.


The History Department also holds orientations for new graduate students, including an “open house” at a faculty member’s home, to introduce faculty to the new students and to offer an opportunity for graduate students to interact with faculty on a more informal basis.  At the conclusion of orientation sessions, including a session with a librarian who explains resources available to students (resources also listed in Graduate Student Handbook, Section #28), new students are asked to fill out an evaluation sheet on the program.  These evaluation sheets are reviewed and discussed by the Graduate Faculty Committee of the History Department on an annual basis. Sample Questionnaire