Classification of Courses for Majors by Field of Study:

European History Field


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HIST      3301       History and Philosophy of Science
HIST      3311       Ancient Near East and the Classical World
HIST      3321       Western Europe in Middle Ages
HIST      3323       17th & 18th Century Europe
HIST      3341       Britain to 1688
HIST      3342       Britain since 1688
HIST      3351       Imperial Russia

HIST      4209       Greek and Roman Warfare

HIST      4210       Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity

HIST      4250       World War I

HIST      4251/4485       World War II

HIST      4285       France Before the Revolution

HIST      4285/4485       Latin and Epigraphy for Historians

HIST      4285/4485       Medieval Women

HIST      4285       Medieval Women, Gender, and Power in the 20th Century
HIST      4411       European Renaissance in Global Perspective
HIST      4412       The Reformation
HIST      4413       Atlantic World, 1450-1800
HIST      4417       19th  Century Europe
HIST      4418       20th Century Europe
HIST      4419       The Cold War
HIST      4420       The Holocaust

HIST      4423       Women and Gender in the Ancient World
HIST      4430       Vietnam War

HIST      4432       Roman Republic
HIST      4436       French Revolution--Napoleon
HIST      4437       France since 1815
HIST      4440       Modern Germany
HIST      4441       Modern Ireland
HIST      4446       Soviet Russia
HIST      4485       Third Reich
HIST      4485       Roman Empire
HIST      4485       Roman Republic
HIST      4485       Late Antiquity
HIST      4485       Europe in Age of Enlightenment
HIST      4485       Europe in Age of Absolutism
HIST      4485       History of Witchcraft
HIST      4485       War State and Society
HIST      4485       The First World War
HIST      4485       History, Film Violence: Mod Ireland
HIST      4485       Tudor-Stuart Historiography
HIST      4485       Ancient Greece
HIST      4485       Greek and Roman Warfare
HIST      4485       Abolitionism in the Atlantic World
HIST      4485       Family, Sex & Gender in Medieval Europe
HIST      4485       Modern France on Film

HIST      4485       Holocaust in Film and Memory

HIST      4485       Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity

HIST      4485       Civic Conflic and Civil War in the Ancient World

HIST      4485       Greek for Historians

HIST      4485       Greek Law

HIST      4485       The Enlightenment

HIST      4485       World History and Film


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