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HIST      3301       History and Philosophy of Science
HIST      3311       Ancient Near East and the Classical World
HIST      3312       Near East in Middle Ages
HIST      3313       Near East in Modern Times
HIST      3315       Civilization of India
HIST      3318      Africa Through the Era of the Slave Trade (formerly African                                           Society: The Precolonial Era)

HIST      3326       Colonial Latin America
HIST      3327       Latin America Since Independence

HIST      3350       Intro to Africana Studies
HIST      3351       Imperial Russia

HIST      3500       Jr. Historiography Seminar: Caribbean Historiography

HIST      4285       Medieval Women, Gender, and Power in the 20th Century

HIST      4385       The Making of Modern Africa: 1820-Present
HIST      4413       Atlantic World, 1450-1800
HIST      4420       The Holocaust
HIST      4421       Mexico since Independence
HIST      4422       U.S. Latin American Relations
HIST      4424       Conflict & Interdependence in South Africa
HIST      4430       The Vietnam War
HIST      4433       Introduction to Modern China
HIST      4443       Introduction to Modern Japan
HIST      4485       Slavery in the Caribbean
HIST      4485       ANE and Greece
HIST      4485       Women & Religion in the Premodern World
HIST      4485       Abolitionism in the Atlantic World
HIST      4485       U.S. Latin American Relations
HIST      4485       History of the Caribbean
HIST      4485       Russian Politics
HIST      4485       Colonial Africa
HIST      4485/4385       Comparative Slavery and Emancipation

HIST      4485/4385       Latin American Women

HIST      4485       Mesoamerica & the Andes 

HIST      4485/4285       Medieval Women

HIST      4485       World History and Film


Placement in field classification depends on subject matter

HIST      3301       History and Philosophy of Science

HIST      3500       Jr. Historiography Seminar

HIST      4402       Introduction to Archival Theory & Practice
HIST      4403       Introduction to Museum Studies
HIST      4481       Independent Study
HIST      4484       Senior Seminar (DSW)
HIST      4485       Special Topics
HIST      4486       Public History Internship


Updated 8 April 2015