Classification of Courses for Majors by Time Period: Post-1800 Courses

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HIST   3300    Studies in American Culture
HIST   3313    Near East in Modern Times
HIST   3327    Latin America Since Independence
HIST   3342    Britain Since 1688
HIST   3350    Introduction to Africana Studies
HIST   3351    Imperial Russia
HIST   3361    American Diplomacy
HIST   3363    African-American History since 1865

HIST   3500    Jr. Historiography Seminar: Caribbean Historiography

HIST   4250/4485    World War I (previously listed as The First World War)

HIST   4251/4485    World War II

HIST   4385    The Making of Modern Africa: 1820-Present
HIST   4400    Introduction to Public History
HIST   4401    Theory & Practice of Oral History
HIST   4402    Introduction to Archival Theory & Practice
HIST   4403    Introduction to Museum Studies
HIST   4404    History of American Architecture
HIST   4411    Theory and Practice of Oral History
HIST   4413    The Atlantic World
HIST   4417    19th Century Europe
HIST   4418    20th Century Europe
HIST   4419    The Cold War
HIST   4420    The Holocaust
HIST   4421    Mexico Since Independence

HIST   4422    U.S. Latin American Relations
HIST   4424    Conflict and Interdependence in South Africa
HIST   4430    The Vietnam War
HIST   4433    Introduction to Modern China
HIST   4437    France since 1815
HIST   4440    Modern Germany
HIST   4441    Modern Ireland
HIST   4443    Introduction to Modern Japan
HIST   4446    Soviet Russia
HIST   4454    Jacksonian America, 1815-1848
HIST   4455    Civil War and Reconstruction: 1848-1877
HIST   4461    Environmental History
HIST   4463    American Military History
HIST   4464    American Sports History
HIST   4466    U.S. Society and Culture since 1865
HIST   4468    Women in American History since 1890
HIST   4469    The Civil Rights Movement
HIST   4471    The Gilded Age & Progressive Era, 1877-1920
HIST   4472    The Rise of Modern America, 1920-1945
HIST   4473    Recent America: The U.S. Since World War II
HIST   4474    History of Georgia
HIST   4477    The New South
HIST   4479    America Religion Since 1800
HIST   4485    Third Reich
HIST   4485    American Religion Since 1865
HIST   4485    American Politics Since 1933
HIST   4485    American Politics Since 1900
HIST   4485    American Religion and Politics
HIST   4485    Colonial Africa
HIST   4485    Abolitionism in the Atlantic World
HIST   4485    History, Violence, and Film: Modern Ireland           
HIST   4485    U.S. Latin American Relations
HIST   4485    Cultural Resources Management
HIST   4485    State and Local History
HIST   4485    Russian Politics
HIST   4485    U.S. Race Relations
HIST   4485    New Media and Digital History
HIST   4485    Slavery in the Caribbean
HIST   4485    History of Black Women in America
HIST   4485    Modern France on Film
HIST   4485/4385    Comparative Slavery and Emancipation

HIST   4485/4385    Latin American Women

HIST   4485    Holocaust in Film and Memory

HIST   4485    Sexual Revolutions in American History

HIST   4485    American Sexual History

HIST   4485    US Intellectual History

HIST   4485    African American Religion

HIST   4485    World History and Film

HIST   4485    US Women's Labor History

Updated 14 October 2015