Classification of Courses for Majors by Time Period: Pre-1800 Courses


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HIST   3301    History and Philosophy of Science
HIST   3311    Ancient Near East and the Classical World
HIST   3312    Near East in Middle Ages
HIST   3315    Civilization of India
HIST   3318    Africa Through the Era of the Slave Trade (formerly African Society:                         The Precolonial Era)
HIST   3321    Western Europe in Middle Ages
HIST   3323    17th & 18th Century Europe
HIST   3326    Colonial Latin America
HIST   3341    Britain to 1688
HIST   3362    African-American History to 1865

HIST   4285    France Before the Revolution

HIST   4285/4485    Latin and Epigraphy for Historians

HIST   4285/4485    Medieval Women

HIST   4285    Medieval Women, Gender, and Power in the 20th Century
HIST   4411    European Renaissance in Global Perspective
HIST   4412    The Reformation
HIST   4413    The Atlantic World
HIST   4420    The Holocaust

HIST   4423    Women and Gender in the Ancient World  
HIST   4430    The Vietnam War
HIST   4436    French Revolution-Napoleon
HIST   4451    Colonial America, 1492-1763
HIST   4452    The American Revolution, 1763-1783
HIST   4453    The New American Republic, 1783-1815
HIST   4465    U.S. Society and Culture to 1865
HIST   4467    Women in American History to 1890
HIST   4476    The Old South
HIST   4478    American Religion to 1800
HIST   4485    Women and Religion in the Premodern World
HIST   4485    History of Witchcraft
HIST   4485    History of the Caribbean
HIST   4485    Roman Empire
HIST   4485    War State and Society
HIST   4485    French America
HIST   4485    Ancient Greece
HIST   4485    Tudor Stuart Historiography
HIST   4485    Colonial Africa
HIST   4485    Greek and Roman Warfare
HIST   4485    Slavery in the Caribbean
HIST   4485    French America

HIST   4485    Conflict in Early America

HIST   4485    Latin American Women

HIST   4485    Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity

HIST   4485    Civic Conflic and Civil War in the Ancient World

HIST   4485    Greek for Historians

HIST   4485    Greek Law

HIST   4485    Mesoamerica & the Andes 

HIST   4485    The Enlightenment





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